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Welcome to Here you will find a growing number of essays on Applied Meta-Physics, providing interpretations of the Helios Biblia, essays on overcoming ad-dictions, A Pathway to Freedom: The Complete Program of ReGeneration, as well as the meta-physical interpretation of the Gospel of Thomas, a selection of FyreHeart's Meta-Physical Poetry, the eBook 23 Thoughts for the New Millennium; A selection of thoughts provoking deep meditation, contemplation and accelerating ReGeneration, Madiba's Magic Message, a fictional short story with a profound meta-physical message, Business Management Meta-Physics, and much more.

This website is dedicated towards individual healing and teaching how to manifest social harmony. If you click on any of the links here, you are, by doing so, explicitly agreeing to accepting full response-ability for your actions. You agree to share this website with your friends. You agree to the terms of each publication accessed here, paying for the work being sold and accepting with gratitude the work I share without asking for payment.

My reason for building and publishing this website is simple: The Hu-man family desperately needs peace, yet, we only restore peace, when each individual understands how to attain peace within themselves. This is only possible, when each person understands how they have become, who they have become, and have access to a complete program of ReGeneration, to renew their character, which this website provides.

The attaining of inner peace, or, to state it in meta-physical/religious terms, the restoration of the kingdom of the heavens, is the primary goal for every hu-man be-ing.

The restoration of the kingdom is: Self-Control 

"Seek ye first the kingdom of the heavens, and all else will be added to you". "The kingdom of the heavens is within."
We now live in the days when the knowledge of how to attain the inner kingdom is becoming widespread, as people everywhere are learning how to overcome their own corrupt nature and experience the bliss of being, which has always been hidden deep within the recesses of every hu-man heart. The information provided here is for the purpose of enabling each person to overcome their own corrupt nature, and put on the Spirit of incorruption.

The principle things to remember are that the Divine Law is written into every cell of the body, into our DNA and into the very Laws governing the way we think. No one can deceive themselves and still be able to live life fully. Self-deception and harming others causes degeneration and finally death. We need to understand and overcome everything within us which prevents us from manifesting the fullness of life. To those who seek to participate in the ReGeneration, I extend a warm-hearted welcome to each of you. If you are reading this, your time to take the next step on A Pathway to Freedom has arrived.

Take it Willingly with Wisdom, Love, Honesty, Kindness, Faith, and Sincerity. Determine in your Heart to overcome all anger, and propensity to be violent, as well as all for power over others and the desire to use the life force ignorantly, which results in suffering and mental enslavement, to others, as well as to the lusts of materiality, which pose as 'strength' yet, weaken you through degeneration each day. Then with determination "Be ye  transformed by the renewing of your mind", and via the fyre of the Spirit within awaken from the divisive nature of this world, where the blind lead the blind. Learn how to kindle the inner Fyre of the Heart, which is the only sure guide to Light your unique Way of Life.

"In your patience, possess ye, your souls!"

The Meta-Physician
Feb 2018 

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